Yes You Can Paint with a Mouse

Yes You Can Paint with a Mouse

Yes You Can Paint with a Mouse | Digital Painting Basics

Hey everyone hope you all are doing good. I wanted to make a short video to show how you can paint with the Mouse. You don’t need to buy expensive drawing tablets when you are just starting. This is how I started using just the Lasso Tool for creating shapes and few brushes.

Your goal in the beginning should be to focus on simple shapes, composition and mood of the painting. Don’t worry about the small details, just keep it simple and enjoy the process. Feel free to ask any questions and I would love to reply.

Below is the final painting. Hope this video helps you to break down your barriers and motivates you to START NOW.

Omer Gul

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Omer Gul is a professional digital marketer and owner of an online clothing brand OpenRoad Oufit. He is an avid traveler, a landscape photographer & a visual artist based in Wah Cantt, Pakistan.

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