Travel to Gilgit via Besham | Wah Cantt se Gilgit

Travel to Gilgit via Besham | Wah Cantt se Gilgit

I always wanted to travel to Gilgit Baltistan via Besham but every time, going via Babusar Pass was the preferred choice due to the short distance and also the time of the year.

This year the wish finally came true. I and my three travel buddies planned to visit Rakaposhi Basecamp in the last week of May 2021. Babusar Pass was closed due to snow and we had no other choice but to Travel to Gilgit via Besham Kohistan. “Chalo is bahanay he Besham dekh letay hn”.

travel to gilgit via besham
Finally leaving home at 12:00am
travel to gilgit via besham
Our Ride, Ameer Dost ke KIA Sportage

After storing our stuff at New City Wah Cantt, we stopped at Saifullah Hotel Bahtar Morr for “Ek Karar Chaay ke Piali” and continued towards Motorway.

Travel to Gilgit via Besham
Saeed and Waqar Bhai waiting for CHAAY!
Travel to Gilgit via Besham
Hamid Ali Raja, the last Surviving Prince of Astore Valley
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Travel to Gilgit via Besham
3:30am, Karak Chaay at Thakot, Besham

The journey till Thakot is enjoyable due to Motorway but still a long one compared to Babusar Route. From Thakot to Dassu the road is good and you will witness amazing lush green mountains, beautiful waterfalls and mighty river Indus along the road.

Travel to Gilgit via Besham
Indus River, Besham KPK
Travel to Gilgit via Besham
Water Fall on the Road
Travel to Gilgit via Besham
Restaurants and Rest area in Komila, Besham KPK
Travel to Gilgit via Besham
Another beautiful waterfall along the road
Travel to Gilgit via Besham
River Indus and Glacial water joining, Komila, Besham KPK
Palas, Besham KPK

We reached Dassu at 7:00am and stopped at a local dhaba for a healthy breakfast. From Dassu to Chillas the road is “OK to Terrible” especially in Dassu due to the Dassu Hydropower Project. The first 5km patch is hideous but still drivable. “Usk baad mazay”

Nashta at Dassu, Desi Lobia and Purri Numa Parathay
Towards Chillas
3:00pm, Juglot, Junction point of three mightiest mountain ranges of the world
Gilgit River, Chinar Bagh, Gilgit
Chicken Karai aur Chicken Angara k sath Pay Puja
Left to Right: Waqar Bhai, Hamid, Future CM of GB Mr. Farhan and Myself

Finally we reached Gilgit city at 3:30pm, did some shopping, met an old friend and did a yummy lunch at Sivana Restaurant Chinar Bagh. From here, we continued our journey to Minapin Nagar to stay for the night and have a good rest for the next adventure, trek to Rakaposhi Basecamp. Hope you enjoyed reading and watching the vlog. I will see you nsoon. TAKE CARE!

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